Our Horses

Every one of our horses are part of an extended family here at Niagara Riding Stables, and like family members, they are treated with the utmost care and affection. Above all else, our mission has always been to work in partnership with these wonderful creatures. Come and see the difference in our horses for yourself. Just like our location, they are head and shoulders above the rest.


• Dark Bay Thoroughbred gelding
• Energetic and playful
• The king of the herd
• Loves to scratch himself on trees and hug them while being ridden
• Ridden by staff only


• Black Arab cross gelding
• Well trained, well behaved
• Bit of a poser, always looking pretty
• Wants to work in film


• Spotted Saddle Horse with one “Blue” eye
• Very responsive, well trained and energetic
• He’s a smooth-to-ride gaited horse
• Very energetic and enthusiastic


• The biggest member of our team at Niagara Riding Stables
• Sweet disposition
• He’s a big boy, ideal for larger riders
• Use to work in film


• Registered Paint mare
• AKA “Zee Me Zoom”
• Originally from Florida
• Related to Secretariat by bloodline



• Quarter horse gelding
• Great for beginners
• Like the Eveready Bunny, he just keeps going and going
• Very responsive
• Don’t get between Piper and his bucket of grain at breakfast time



• Hanoverian Trakehner cross
• Good for both beginners and experienced riders
• Big is beautiful – Sopie is 17 hands high
• Very responsive with lots of pep in her step
• Excellent manors


• The newest member of our team at Niagara Riding Stables
• Sweet disposition
• Loves to snuggle
• Not yet ready for prime time, but won’t be long. Stay tuned!



• Our one and only Canadian
• Good for both beginners and experienced riders
• He’s a lover not a fighter
• Very steady
• Excellent manners